The Secrets to my Success

Piggybacking off of my post the other day, I’ve decided to describe how I’ve been able to train and become faster and come to enjoy running even more <– is that possible??? Anywho if you aren’t interested…. well I don’t care it’s my blog I’ll write what I wish.  First off, I’ve gotten rid of my watch.  WHAT?!?! You’re probably saying. Get rid of my watch? But yes, I did just that.  Not caring about what my time or splits are makes me feel so much more free.  Also, I run however long my body wants to run, 2o minutes, an hour who cares? I ran the other day in a thunderstorm for 50 minutes.  It was so much fun!  As runners when become fixated on training for races, improving our PR, etc.  We forget what it was like to run for fun, like when we were kids and it was simply a way to get away from the person who was it in a game of tag.  So that’s basically it, I’ve given you the secret: I let go.   I stopped caring as much, don’t get me wrong I still want to do well, but I’m learning how to just have fun when I run again instead of worrying the whole time about distance and time.

So now that I’ve let you in on my secret I’ll give you an update on my preparations for my marathon next week.  Well my feet, they’re still in shambles from the blisters, my band-aids fell off during a run yesterday and rubbed them raw again.

Take a gander at the beauty that is my foot, lovely isn’t it? Well for the next few days I’m going to be experimenting with different bandage techniques so that my feet don’t completely bleed during my marathon.  So that it one thing I am preparing.  Another thing I’m preparing is fuel aka  food!

These beautiful little suckers are amazing to me.  I love them they give me energy and are delicious.  I’m hoping to not have to tap into them until like 10 miles.  I did my half-marathons without food and minimal amounts of water/Gatorade so I’m hoping that I can not use these for as long as possible.  Though I do know that I will need them eventually if I don’t want to cramp up and die.   This brings me to my next point. We all I’m not going for a time since this is my 1st marathon.  Well I’ve been reading this book called Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong.  And it is about what we run for, in one of the chapters the women write for each mile something they are thankful for on their arm.  So I’ve decided that I’m going to do that.  I’ll be thankful to get through the marathon and I’m going to give thanks the whole way.  So that’s my new plan.

Moving right along, I have a race tomorrow.  It’s a 5k and if any of you are from the Albany area you will know it, it’s the Freihofer’s run for Women.  This will be the 3rd year my mom and I are running it.  So I’ve decided to put together a spectacular outfit to run it in. 

Isn’t it beautiful? I thought what better way for my family to find me during the finish but to be in neon color clothes? So I’m wearing the neon green shirt from last year’s give away, neon pink shorts I just bought, and my pink bra (no one will see this, but it’s my lucky bra).  Anywho, I’m very excited and I can’t wait tomorrow, especially since I get a free box of cookies, that’s what I’m really in this for. 😛

Anywho, that’s it for now.  I’m going to go try taking care of my feet and I’m going to finish getting some things ready for tomorrow.  So that’s it for now, Until later TTFN.

Oh, and I’ll leave y’all with a question or two:

1. How do you get fun back into your running?
2. Any suggestions for bandaging my feet?


4 thoughts on “The Secrets to my Success

  1. letting go of the stress and pressure that u can put on urself is a sure way to improve! it’s funny how it’s totally possible to just ‘try too hard’…glad u’ve ditched the extra stress baggage and are flying faster than ever! 🙂 great luck out there!

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