My (Marathon) Goodies

So my mom got a $10 Sports Authority Money Card in the mail.  You know the kind I’m talking about, the promotional ones that only let you use it at a certain store.  Well my mom decided to take me so that I could buy my shot blocks there which was awesome.  So we got there and I grabbed 2 packages of shot blocks, but they’re only like $2.50 each.  So my mom was like grab 3 more, but I didn’t want to so I got to grab a load of other stuff too.

So I got myself Power Bar Energy Ball snacks, 2 Shot Blocks,and 2 GU’s.  the GU’s I got in 2 different flavors; strawberry-banana and cool mint.  I was so excited and my mom was excited because she didn’t have to spend any actual money.  It was more or less given to us by the store with the $10 card because we didnt’ have to sign up for anything.  It was awesome!  We got in the car and I kept smiling and thanking my mom, it was like Christmas for me, I never get to get that much running fuel type stuff at once.

My mom just kept laughing because she kept saying; “I only had to pay $.75, Sara I don’t care it’s not that big of a deal.”  But I was just so excited.  Oh its the little things that make me so happy.

Anywho, when we got home I decided to put my belt on and see where I’d be able to hold some of these goodies during my marathon. 

This is my belt, it has 2 water bottles and 1 “pocket”, but I bought an extra pocket, it’s not the same color but who the hell cares?  Anywho, I’ve figured it out that I can fit both GU’s into the purple pocket and then if I take some Shot Blocks into a plastic baggie I can fit them into the green pocket.  I won’t be able to carry the Power Bar Snack Bites with me, but that’s ok I’d rather eat them before.

So yeah that’s basically the goodies I have for my marathon.  I’m all set now in terms of snacks.  So that’s 1 thing I can check off my list.  This week is different in terms of running.  I’m taking Sunday (yesterday) and Monday off (today), then I’m running Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then I’m taking Friday and Saturday off. 

My reasoning behind this is Sunday and Monday are recover days from my 5k because my calves are sore/tight.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are running days because Tuesday’s going to be my last attempt at a long run and the other two days are simply to stay running.  Friday and Saturday are rest days to make sure I’m 100% for my marathon on Sunday.  So that’s my game plan.

That’s it for now, Until Later, TTFN.

Oh and just a random fyi, look at this blog I follow here.  She has a great post about runner’s and how you can tell if you’re surrounded by one.  I’ve found that they’re pretty much all true!


3 thoughts on “My (Marathon) Goodies

  1. u freaking ROCK for the shout-out girl!! thanks….and glad u loved the post enough to share! but the link isn’t loading right, i think u put in one too many http://'s on the address. 😛

    that said, getting a gift card in the mail makes me like a kid on xmas….uhhh, anything FREE and in the name of running…heck yea!! i’m so exciting for ur race!!

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