Haha I bet you thought I was talking about the drug.  Sorry peoples I was talking about LSD= Long Slow Distance.  That’s right.  Most marathon training programs are saying take it easy, 4 miles at most.  Not the Sara training program!  I’ve had a my confidence really shaken this week, it seems as though my whole family doesn’t believe I can do/finish this race. 

However, 2 of my good friends; Kinga and Justin gave me some much-needed pep talks.  They both pretty much told me that they believed that I could do it.

Justin’s pep talk included, and I quote; ” Sara!!! You’re going to do great!! Take it easy this week get plenty of sleep, eat right and everything will fall into place. Above all this race is going to be the most mentally and physically challenging tasks you have ever attempted. Mind set is key! Stay strong mentally and you will conquer it!!! Best of luck!!!” 
That’s right people, no paraphrasing in this blog! 

Plus I went on a 10 mile run today.  Ooopsy that’s not in a marathon training program.  Oh wait, I don’t care.  Anywho, I ran around 10:30ish miles so I’m happy with the time because I am aiming between 10-12 minute miles for my marathon.  Plus, I took my race belt out on its maiden voyage, mostly because I didn’t want my marathon to the 1st time I used it. 

This beauty and I got very well acquainted on the run today.  I can now grab my water, open my pockets, eat, drink, and run all at the same time! I felt very professional.   So that’s one more thing that I can feel good about going into this race.  I know I’m prepared, maybe not up to other people’s standards and hell maybe not even up to my own when it comes to the grind, but I don’t care.  I feel good right now and I’m going to let myself feel good without questioning it too much.

Besides the fact that I’m a tad sore from my run today.  surprisingly not as sore as I thought I would be, but still a bit sore nonetheless.

Moving on to bigger things, this is Big Bertha or Double B/ BB for short. Anywho, my dad got a new minivan so he gave my brother and I this one to use/ more me to take back to school come fall.  It’s a tank of car that sucks up massive gas, so much that one of my jobs’ paycheck will probably mostly go to filling her up.  But I love her nonetheless. 
It took me a few days to decided if she was going to be a he or a she, then I decided on she.  I saw a lot of myself in her.  We both might not go super fast, but we can go for miles.  She’s kinda like a tank, hence the name Big Bertha.  And in that name there’s a lot of power, don’t count her out she’s got a lot to give.   But I digress…

Anywho, I’ve decided that come the next school year she will have running bumper stickers in the back window and will probably smell like icy hot on the inside.  Along with that she will constantly have a spare change of running clothes and water bottles in case I ever get a random running urge.  Because who knows? 

So that’s my latest update on my prerace jitters, only 5 more days until the race.  So that’s it for now, Until later, TTFN.


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