Nom Nom Nom.

Well peoples I’ve officially decided today is now Sushi Friday.  That’s right I said it, sushi.  Fact of my life I’m sure you didn’t know, but I love sushi.  It’s weird, I didn’t always but when I found out I had low iron my Dr. recommended foods with more iron like salmon which led me to try other fishy type foods which eventually led me to sushi.  And now I love it! In fact I bought myself some from the grocery store because I haven’t had it in a while.  So you know me and pics of food, why stop now? There was a LOT of food in this tray. 

Legit, I had to eat it in 2 different meals; 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for an after lunch-lunch. 😛 

Anywho, I got hungry again a few hours after lunch and decided to finish off this delectable treat, all I had left any way was like 4 pieces… see:

Other than my sushi treat I did a lot of ‘running’ around today. Notice how running is in quotes? Yeah, well because I can’t officially start running around yet, *sigh* only a few more days though!

Anywho, I picked up my paycheck, went to the library, bought a pillow to start actually working on my Big’s Pillow, look at it.  It’s a nice size!

I think its like 16×16 inches, something like that.  I even started sewing the “pillowcase” for it already!

This is the inside being shown.  I mean I’m on a roll today with getting things done! I think it’s mostly because after a few days of not drinking coffee I had some today and I feel marvelous! 

More of my crazy get ‘er done attitude today includes; wrapping my dad’s father’s day present, cleaning my room – GASP!, and buying a new bathing suit for swim lessons which start on the 25th.  

I managed to find it at Tj’s for $20 and with my discount I got it for like $18.  I call that a good day.  Especially since in my 1st swim lesson paycheck they give us $50 to buy new suites so in essence I just made $30 by spending wisely.  BOYEA!

Anywho, now that I’ve been amazingly productive today I’m going to continue working on my Big’s pillow and follow my To-Do list.  I have some stuff I need to get done in the next week or two for my V.P position at my school so I’ve made a lovely to-do list.  The work will officially begin tomorrow! Er… maybe Sunday.  Who knows?
Anywho, I believe that’s it for now, Until later TTFN.


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