You only live once- YOLO

Santa is coming?- HOHO

Frozen Yogurt- FROYO

Trying and failing at finding internships and your future is in jeopardy- OhNo!

Yes, I thought I’d give you that lovely introduction so that you had a good idea of where this post was going.  Your welcome. Ok so yesterday I spent at least 4 hours looking up internships on the internet.  In 4 hours I found 6 potssible internships- 6 in 4 HOURS! I was about ready to pull my hair out.  Luckily, I keep everything very organized in my pretty pink binder. 

As you can see it has post it notes on it.  I like to keep organized and on track by having everything be where I can see it so I don’t forget anything.  Anywho, I dedicated like 1 page to each internship to cover; how to apply, contact people, the duties of the intern, etc.

I’m a tad OCD about keeping everything in order.  My B.  Anywho, I went for a lovely 2 1/2 mile run yesterday in the Sub-Saharan Temperatures.  It was in the 90*s and super humid.  I felt like I was running through soup!

But it was nice to be moving so I didn’t mind feeling like a vegetable in a bowl of chicken noodle soup.  So oh well.

Anyways, I believe that’s it for now.  Until later, TTFN.


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