I’ve officially joined the Dark Side.

Oh look you officially joined the cult!  I kid you not, that’s what was said to me last night when I put on my new ARE singlet.  Haha I love it though because all the members of the ARE have something that says ARE somewhere on it and I finally got myself something.  So of course I took a picture to show you 

Fancy huh?  Anywho, my mommy bought me a zucchini, I called her at work to ask if I could cook it because I thought maybe she had bought it for the family, but then she told me that it was just for me. It made my day.  I sautéed it in butter and garlic and then I added some spices and such.  I probably made it unhealthy with all the butter and salt, but I will add that I only drink water so I feel like it evens out.  Anywho, here’s my delicious zucchini snack: 

It was very delicious!

Along with all this excitement one of my little brothers just graduated high school on Saturday.  It was a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ceremony.  And because of that I brought a book 😛 It’s called A race like No Other.  Don’t worry I asked my brother if he would be offended and he said he didn’t care.  Plus I put it away when it came time to actually hand out diplomas.  I’m so proud of the little butthead.  Anywho, I went with him to one of our friend’s grad parties, who also graduated on Saturday.  It was fun and I got to know my brother’s girlfriend a bit more which was nice because she doesn’t always talk… well she never really talks much..  But I digress…

Along with all this excitement I havent’ been feeling well, I’ve been as my mom calls it- drugging it up!  Basically just trying to rest and take medicine.  It stinks because my ‘9-5’, well more like ‘8:30-3:30’ job starts on Monday, but also because I just straight up feel like crap.  I know I’m sick because I’m not hungry, which is how I can always tell I’m sick.  When I’m sick I never really want to eat, I usually only eat a little and because I have to, not because I’m actually hungry. 

The last cool thing is that my grandma and Opa came up for my brother’s graduation (obviously) and my grandma took a bunch of photos off facebook from my marathon and made it into a collage thing for me.  Here, I took a few pictures so you can really see it.    As you can see the flash blocks it a bit so I took another picture. 

It’s awesome cuz I can frame it and have like an official documentation of my marathon.  The one thing is the picture in the bottom right corner is from my half-marathon.  I didn’t have the heart to tell my grandma that it wasn’t like from my marathon because she worked so hard on it so I’m just going to print off a picture off me holding my medal from the marathon and put it over it. 
It really is a great gift though and I was so happy when she gave it to me.
Ok well that’s it for now, I think I’m just going to drink some fluids and lie down for a while.  So until later, TTFN.


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