Technical Difficulites

Hey blogging besties! I’m terribly sorry to have posted nothing new on the ‘ol blog.  But as you can tell by the title of this post, I’ve run into technical difficulties.  Well 1 large technical difficulty to be exact.  Apparently the internal battery on my computer hates me and therefore decided to poop out.  Right in the middle of a Skype date with my best friend I might add.  As most of you could guess, this makes for an unhappy Sara.

Anywho, basically I hijacked the family computer for like 10 minutes to log my miles and workouts on Daily Mile and to post a quick explanation on the blog for all you loyal readers.

So I’m terribly sorry for the short post and the lack of info but that’s all I got right now.  If you guys will bare with me I’m hoping that by Sunday I’ll know if it can be fixed or if I’m going to be buying a new computer.  Until then I’ll try to hijack the family computer and keep y’all updated.  Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July and is being safe!

Until later, TTFN.


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