Slow on the Uptake

Yup that’s me.  Slow on the uptake,well slow at getting my butt into gear anyways.  Sorry for the large amounts of time being all MIA.  However,  I have a REALLY REALLY good excuse and I will tell you it right now.  I’ve been busy with my life! Yup that’s it.  I’m not stressin too hard about not posting everyday because I have things I gotta get done everyday out in the real world, so I’m sorry to say that my blog posting has slipped a bit in the list of important.
Now that that’s been said, we may move on and I shall bombard you with everything that’s been happening!

Last week:  my weekly ARE STRS run went surprisingly well, better than normal in fact.  It was hot as Africa outside (FYI  that’s my saying) and the loop ended up only being 1.1 miles, because well they goofed.  Oh well, I ran it 2x and came back and my neighbor decided she was done.  I asked if I could go again and she said sure, I felt soooo good that night that I knew I needed to get another loop in.  Reasons I like trail running: the beautiful scenery, the wildlife, the bagillions of rocks that can kill me at every step….. no like I’m very uncoordinated/have no sense of directions so I’m super careful when I’m trail running, and if they didn’t mark the courses so well you can be guaranteed I’d probably still be out there…. lost to the world.  I also really enjoy the hills, not so much while I’m running them, but after the fact because they make me feel like I really worked out.

This past weekend: So I had to go to lovely old Potsdam for Alumni Reunion weekend as one of my responsibilities as Vice-President, it was actually a lot of fun, and I got a lot of work done in my office.  The Alumni Board members are all VERY nice and it was easier this times since I’ve met them all before.  Also, Alumni Reunion Weekend= Alumni getting Wasted at the bars.  I was talking to the President of the Board Sunday morning before our meeting and I asked him how he slept he said; “Oh, not very well.  I was out late last night, you know downtown drinking.” Oh well, okey dokey then, I’m probably going to be the only not hungover one at this meeting.  If nothing else that statement kept me entertained for sure.

I also had the President of SGA call me a Prostitute, because he’s a jerk.  He was making fun of my heels, which are the plain black ones I bought that I put a picture of on here before.  I just want to say, he’s lucky I didn’t get  kicked by my heels.

This week: Has started the beginning of the 2nd session of swim lessons.  So far I love all my kids and they are all pretty good.  I’ve been swimming everyday at least a 1,000 yards if not more.  While my running miles haven’t increased dramatically I at least want to keep my body healthy and cross train.  So swimming has become a favorite of mine, since I’m already in the pool 7 hours a day, but I digress….

Anywho, all of my strokes have improved A LOT since I first started teaching- one of the perks of having a bunch of other swim instructors/people on swim teams around to correct your form.  Which I’m happy to say is the case with my butterfly, the main things I’m working on with it right now are keeping my arms straight and not bringing my upper body too far out when I breathe.  I like to call that a win considering where I was not too long ago.

Tuesday:  So this Tuesday, instead of going to the Colonie Relays like usually do, I went to the Capital District Triathlon Club (CDTC) which meets on Tuesdays.  The night consists of a swim,bike, run.  You in no way have to do all 3.  In fact a lot of people do 2.  I choose to do the swim and run.  The swim was a 1/2 mile loop in a lake and you could do it 1 or 2 times.  I ended up doing it twice because I actually felt really good.  The only thing that was really a problem for me was staying straight.  Since I swim in the pool so much I’ve gotten really used to seeing the bottom and having a guide to keep me straight, I didn’t have that in the open water and I had to keep looking up.  My goal next week (yes I totally plan to go again) is to not look up as much, which I think I can do.  Once I was done with the swim I did the 3 mile run loop.  It was a very hot day so I was just excited to get a good workout in.  I managed to do the mile swim in 30:11, I don’t really know miles, or open water swims so I have no idea if this is good or not.  Regardless, I can’t thank my friend Christine enough for taking me and showing me the wonder of a Tri group, all of whom are older and are in far better shape than I am.

Wednesday (today): I got my laptop back today.  Unfortunately they had to wipe it clean which means I’m going to be on the family computer a tad bit longer until I am able to reload everything back  onto my computer.  Plus, I’m still waiting for the new battery for it and then I should be up and running again.  It only took like 2 weeks and $200! Yay for my life!  Well it’s probably going to take at least one more week by the time I get everything reloaded onto it and have the time to do set up and such nonsense.

Swim lessons have a way of seriously tiring me out and making me seriously hungry to no end.  It’s getting close to my bedtime so I will leave this post with one picture of the CDTC logo.  Until later, TTFN.


2 thoughts on “Slow on the Uptake

  1. Haha I know its been ridiculously hot outside lately! And thanks for noticing I’m alive! I have to say I’m not that busy, just lazy. Your blog has more detail than mine does!

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