I’m a FORMidable swimmer

Haha did you get my pun? You did? Ok good.  So last summer during swim lessons and this year I’ve managed to repeatedly improve all of my strokes.  It’s probably due to a mix of having to slow them down and teach them to kids, having swim instructors to watch my form, and having people who’ve been swimming all their lives to help teach me and improve what I’m doing wrong.  Well today during one lesson I had something of an Ah-Ha! moment.  Thomas (my brother’s and my friend) and I work together for the swimming and diving portion and since he has been swimming for forever and is going to swim in college who better to learn how to improve my strokes from?  So pretty much everyday I’ve been working on my butterfly and starts.  Pretty soon I’m going to look like this guy ————–>

FYI he is in fact my boyfriend.  Michael just doesn’t know it yet.  So basically, every day my yardage has gone down but my form and starts are improving so I’ll take it. 
Besides I gotta make sure I have time to watch those Olympic races!

So until later, TTFN.


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