What a way….

To start off the day.  Sorry, I was feeling a little Dr. Seuss(y) today.   Moving along,  I went to my last CDTC last night with Christine and I definitely had fun where I can’t wait for next summer already so I can become a member and go every week all summer to work out.  Yes, I understand I’m weird for loving working out so much.  So since I haven’t swam in at least a week and a half I decided to do only a half mile in the water (that and Jack’s was waiting for me). 

When I stepped in the water I was like; “Oh crap, this is gonna be cold.” But as soon as I dove in I can’t it explain it, but I felt like I was home.  I know that sounds really weird, but there are a few places where I get a feeling of just right.  One of them is when I run and I’ve realized that the other is when I swim.  I feel a little like a BAMF. 

Fyi, this is my BAMF pose. I had a lot of fun in the water.  Christine had the idea to start in the back so we could count how many people we passed.  It turned into a sort of game, and every few strokes I’d count how many people I passed, find my new targets and swim like the wind!…er.. fish!

Once I finished I waited for Christine and asked how many she passed.  Her answer? “Oh, I got bored and started looking for fish.” Only Christine…..

After we finished and we ended with a 3 mile run that was run slowly and I mean very slowly.  Mostly due to the fact that I hurt everywhere from my Insanity workout the day before, but I digress….

After we finished we went to Jack’s which has burgers, hot dogs, cheese fries, and milkshakes. Mmmmm milkshakes.  Anyways, I ate like a dude, and Christine’s Aunt and Uncle very kindly bought us dinner.  I kinda love them, the way to my heart is through my stomach. Yup, I said it. So that was my lovely day yesterday.

Moving along to today; I had to take my younger brother to work and so I ran my 4 mile route at the Crossings again today.  And last night it rained so my shoes got wet.  And instead of getting upset I was kinda like; “Eh, I’ll just run barefoot.” So I did and it was a lot of fun.  I mean I’ve missed it a lot.  Anywho, I had a lovely run, thought a lot of things through, and then went home and did Insanity. 

And it was actually an “easy” day, I use the word easy very lightly.  Because well it was still hard, but it was definitely easier than the past 2 days.  Then… drum roll please… *drum* drum* (that was my on-line drum roll) My granny took my brothers and I to Uno!  Yay Uno! I won’t bore you with the ridiculously boring details, but I will say this….I love Uno.

So I had a fantabulous day today and a pretty good end to my day yesterday.  Hopefully all of y’all aren’t getting bored with my happy-go-lucky posts of late, but that’s it for now.

Until later, TTFN.


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