Well that was dumb

Ok so first random post of a possible blogging comeback?  Anywhoser, its been a rough couple of weeks.  And by rough I mean, I’ve resorted to drinking.  Yeah, you know its bad when that shit starts to happen. But I digress, I’m stretched in 50 directions to the point where nothing seems fun anymore, all I would LOVE to do is honestly just sit around and do nothing… for like an hour or two. That’s all that I’d need.  I feel as though I’m surrounded by idiots, like all the time.

And yes, I realize this post and hell this whole blog can come back and bite me in the ass as the late, not-so-great Ra Ra Williams has helped me to discover; whenever you delete something off of the internet it’s never really deleted….  Which brings me to my next point.  Ra Ra’s kinda is a super ass.  Like he acts like he knows everything, walking around struttin’ his stuff, thinking he’s sooooo cool.   Don’t come into MY committee meeting and take up the whole time with your long-winded rant (which I realize I’m doing right now) and not let me get work done.  I don’t care if you are the President of SGA, you piss me off…. like all the time. Which in a way isn’t true, but I can talk about that later….

And moving right along again, my running has been totes crap.  I mean this girl Maggie whom I love to pieces has been kicking my ass, which really sucks because I wanted to be really good this year.  And I mean my time is down 2 minutes from last season, but my problem is that I don’t have TIME to run anymore, its like I have to schedule it in and honestly it doesn’t always get scheduled in.

I’m on a fast train to cray cray-ville and I feel like I’m  going to end up in crashing-hard downtown.  I’m running on coffee, lack of sleep, alcohol, frustration, and anger. Needless to say, that combination isn’t exactly destined to keep me running in the long run and so I need sleep and to stop having so much things to do.

That’s enough of my rant for now.  Hopefully as the following days and weeks come and go I’ll keep posting on here.  I can’t promise anything because hell I often forget to eat or do something that relates to my health in some way, so I can’t really make a very strong promise to commit.  However, I will try and I believe that’s the best that can be expected right now.

So until later, TTFN.


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