Hobble Gobble + Halo + Drag Queens = Epic

Well yesterday was definitely interesting for sure.  Ok so let’s recap in the easiest way possible; from beginning to end.  Sounds legit.  So for starters- I ran the Hobble Gobble that West Potsdam hosts every year near Thanksgiving.  I didn’t run in it last year because I had such bad tendonitis in my knee that it hurt to walk let alone run, but I digress….

I am sorry to say that I don’t have any action shots of me from this race, but I’m tots ok with it.  Anywhoser, in my opinion in was my best race all season.  It was a 4 mile race that I ran in; 36:11.1, yes it’s not be best time by far, but I had the most fun and I think that’s why it was my best race.
Here’s how it broke down: I ran the entire race with a smile on my face.  It went relatively quickly and I felt good during the whole thing, which is something that hasn’t happened in a while.  I’ve been so stressed with school, work, meetings, practice, being a leader, etc.  That I haven’t had time to myself to enjoy anything and the fact that I haven’t REALLY ran in the past 3 weeks hasn’t helped anything.  But even though I haven’t run, I felt pretty good even though I didn’t run all that fast it was a good run by my standards.  Plus, I got some awesome race swag; a t-shirt and medal.  I love race swag.  So that’s how the 1st part of my day went yesterday.

Moving along to part #2.  I played in a Halo tournament….. yea first time ever really playing halo.  It was super fun and funny because all the guys get like super into it haha like Ra Ra he gets like super serious and I’m the wierdo whose all like “OMG I KILLED SOMEONE YAY!” While everyone in my round I’m playing with has like 30 kills and I have 7… but they’re a good 7.

I basically just had super amounts of fun with it and now I can honestly say I kinda understand why guys play video games all the time. They’re wicked fun! I spent 4 hours just killing things and getting to it by yelling at the screen; “DIE!! DIE!!” So it has now turned into a weekly appointment with some of the guys every Monday night to play Halo and I even convinced my brother to play with me when we get home.  So maybe next time I’ll get 10 kills to everyone’s 30!

And now the final part of my day…. my day legit was broken up into 3 parts.  I went home and showered then came back to the Union to go to the DRAG SHOW! Legit so much fun.  I’ve never been to one before and I can now officially say that I have and that I have put a dollar in a drag queen’s bra. Yup, I said it and yes it did happen.  It was fantastic and afterwards I half-heartedly help the S.E.S people clean up, I say half-heartedly because I mostly herpderp around and I look kinda stoops.  Anywhoser, I went back to some of my friends’ place afterward where food was made, but at that point I was near passing out and I pretty much half fell asleep on their couch. NBD. They’re cool with it and I like listening to the conversations that go on while I’m semiconscious.

So yeah, basically it was a long and interesting day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Now I am tired and need to get homework done.  Hopefully Ra Ra comes in so I can steal his office 😛

So until later, TTFN.


2 thoughts on “Hobble Gobble + Halo + Drag Queens = Epic

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