Would you rather?

So apparently Pooh Bear (aka Ra Ra) has decided that a new game we should play is would you rather.  It basically entails very raunchy or simply disgusting questions of would you rather do ___ or do ___.  Simple enough but in the hands of dirty minds like ours, it escalates quickly.  Anywhoser, I think it’s hilarious in all honestly and some of the things he comes up with make me laugh beyond belief.  In all honesty is a great non-serious stress reliever.

Which is good in my opinion because apparently just running isn’t doing it for me anymore.  I mean seriously, I went on a 4.5 mile run today with Morg to let out some anger/frustration/annoyance/stress and when I got back to my office to keep working- I WAS STILL STRESSED! Oh well, thankfully there are only 3 weeks left to the semester.  I definitely need longer than a week break from SGA and school and everyone at school.

On the plus side I spoke with Tara and all my hyperventilating over her wanting to be President is honestly not as bad of a situation as I though.  *Whew*  And my housemate Katelyn saved me a venison burger! Sweet deal! So hey- I guess those are my silver linings to my crazy day today.  Well look at that!  Well I’m feeling slightly better now, albeit I didn’t get the reading done for my class tomorrow morning, but as my professor has said I’ve earned a 4.0 overall for class presentations so at this point I feel like I could sit there like a human vegetable and still be ok, of course I won’t do that, but I digress…

Alright, well I’m tired.  I need to shower. I’m hungry. And quite frankly that venison is seriously calling my name.  I’ll try to update on my life more later!
Until then, TTFN.


4 thoughts on “Would you rather?

  1. Oh gosh I’m so excited to be done with finals. It’s my first time going through ’em… so hopefully I survive! And I will be using would you rather as my next stress reliever. Love that game. I get really creative and make people uncomfortable and it’s just the cats pajamas.

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