I’m cranky

Yup, that’s right. I’m cranky as hell right now and I don’t care who knows it! hate everything

<—- It’s that kind of day.  I don’t know what it is, but I woke up this morning just straight up hating everything.  I think it’s a combination of not running in a week, the amount of crap I still have to do in these next 1 1/2 weeks left of the semester, the amount of other B.S I have to deal with and the fact that I’m just downright cranky.

I would like love to get a run in today, but I know that won’t be happening. OR!!!!! Maybe I’ll just have to run at 7 p.m. tonite- short run that way I can get my run in and then shower. Yup, that’s what I’m doing.  It’s official. exercise-motivation

I just found this picture on-line.  It’s pretty funny don’t you think?  Well, I’ve added that to my list of things to do today, besides actually run, but to find pics/quotes to keep me motivated.  I think I can do it. 🙂

Ok and now I just spent like the past 1/2 an hour staring at various running motivation pictures.  I definitely feel better.  Ok, maybe my day won’t suck that much after all.  We will see! So I better get real people work done now so that I can actually go for that run tonite.

So until later, TTFN.


3 thoughts on “I’m cranky

  1. Hahahah that is a great image. Not sure I want a dinosaur to get me to exercise though!! It’s finals week so working out has been put aside. Though I was so stressed last night that I went for my swim at 10!

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