I must pie you a question…

Ok so I know that doesn’t make sense at all, but I don’t care. I was quite the busy bee today.  I started off my morning by putting the finishing touches on a presentation that I had with my group today.  And then I got to pie Ra Ra in the face….. 3 times.  Good day.

Legit, I was the first person to pie him, it was for a club’s fundraiser and it was him and another guy who were being pied.  I enjoyed it very much- it helped me to take out some of my frustrations that I have geared towards him.  Anywhoser, he managed to get me back a bit though, he flung whipped cream in my hair! RUDE!

It wasn’t ok because well I had a presentation today and I had to go clean it out.  So to teach him a lesson for getting whipped cream in my hair… another pie to the face!

Unfortunately, I had to leave for class and miss out on the hilarity for a little while… but it was ok because after my presentation I was able to go back and…. pie him 2 more times! YAY!

Ryan+ Pie

Well then I had to help him clean up… not fun.  So that was the good/fun part of my day.

Pssh, He totally  enjoyed being pied.

The not so great part involved finding out the girl who ran against me last spring for Vice-President might be attempting to run against me for President…. Ok I’m about to be terribly rude so I’m sorry in advance.

Woman! I beat you last year when the experience you had was being the secretary of the Executive Board of SGA.  Now, you haven’t been on E-board for a year, nor have you had any leadership positons in any clubs and I’ve gained even more experience being Vice-President this year.  Run for Vice-President again! There’s no realistic way you can beat me, anyone with half a brain will understand that I’m the only one capable enough of dealing with the shit storm that is going to be our administration and school next year.  Not only that, I can handle the stress and busy schedule because I’ve been dealing with it this year.  And my final point is that I know what needs to be continued next year in terms of plans set forward by the current E-Board (mainly Ryan and I).  So please stop deluding yourself and get out of my way!  Ok, I feel better… just a little.

So that’s going on.  Now don’t think because of my rant that I’m deluding myself and thinking that she isn’t competition along with Tara (the girl whose made it quite known that she will run against me), but I feel like realistically I have the most experience and can do the best at the job.
As much as SGA and everything that goes with it stresses me out. I LOVE IT!   I’m not sure that I can stress that enough.

I love everything about it.  I love the people I work with, what the job entails, all the little things the job doesn’t entail but I do anyways, all the bullshit, the back talk, the people who don’t think I’m doing my job right, the days where I don’t really eat/sleep because I’m either so stressed or overloaded with work I don’t know what to do, and I especially love days like today where I get to do things like participate in a club’s fundraiser and pie someone like Ra Ra in the face.

I honestly don’t know how to make people not associated with me day in and day out see that.  I guess I’ll just have to figure it out along with my other long lists of things to do.  Well, I’ll add it to the list. For now I’m going to go home and get ready to hang out with my pledge brothers in PMA tonite.  And then tomorrow working out and studying for finals- to Final land we go!

To end this long worded post on a funny note… I want my Christmas tree decorating when I get my own place to look like this:

And on that note, until later- TTFN.running christmas tree


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