My Week Long Death or Finals Week

Ok so last week was finals week for me.  This I’ve mentioned before.  Anywhoser, it was a b***h to say the least.  I’m glad that it’s over and today I keep being tempted with people getting their grades and I still don’t have mine- not a happy sara.  But it can’t be helped… on my part anyways.  I already emailed Ra Ra to be like wtf?  And he explained the people in the admin office screwed up so they should be up soon.  Good because I want my final grades!    But that aside my dad has been having me do random things around the house.  Case in point- decorating, but that I do every year around Christmas.  I’ve also dusted and done laundry, set the table, etc… But my favorite is a lab coat. 

My dad has an old lab coat he got and he asked me to design something to draw/paint on it for work.  So I put this fantastic scientist on the back of the coat; scientist

At the bottom is his saying that he goes around repeating at work (apparently) of “Inspect, Detect, and Correct” haha so that’s on the back.  Then on the front right side (his left when he’s wearing it) is a “name tag”   "name tag"

He wanted to be called a water chef… not exactly sure why, but I found with my dad its best not to over-think these things too much.

And finally, being the deadhead that he is he wanted to have something Grateful Dead related on there somewhere.  So I drew a picture of a type of symbol the Grateful Dead used on their stuff.

Grateful Dead symbolSo that’s the extent of his lab coat for now. 

I’ve also gotten semi-back into the swing of running things.  I’ve started attempting to run every day starting on Monday.  I’ve run a total of 8 miles so far this week.  I ran Monday, Tuesday, and today.  I legit only ran 1 mile today because I am so tired from work that I didn’t want to.  But then I thought 1 mile is better than no miles! So 1 mile it was. 

And that’s ok with me because I’m finally getting back into the swing of things! I think I’ve run more this week so far than a total of like 3 past weeks combined.  Anywhoser, I gotta give a shout out to my friend Christine who turned a ripe old age of 22 yesterday!  Can I get a what what? 

that’s it for now.  Until later, TTFN.


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