Hey you read my blog…

And this is cray cray, but the world is ending- so read more maybe? Haha but that’s the funny part- it’s not really ending…er.. it didn’t really end I mean.  Anywhoser,  I’m making an attempt to be more social on the www or (world-wide web) of blogging besties and runningholics (kinda like alcoholics, but for running).  So running bloggers of the internet, I would like to (and I quote Robin Hood from Robin Hood Men in Tights) “lend me your ears!” robin-hood-men-in-tights-73277

Well, eyes anyways..  So I’d like you to read a few of my posts and give me some feedback, ask me questions and the like.  I want to spread out my interests more. 

So now that I’ve covered that topic I’ll move on to  some actual running.  I ran like 2 miles on my Granny’s Dreadmill at her house because it was raining (which normally doesn’t bother me) and it was windy (that bothered me).  The wind was so bad that I honestly was pushed while walking around outside so I decided running in it was probably not my best decision and so dreaded dreadmill (alliteration?) it was!

I can definitely say that I worked up a good sweat, which even though I’m used to it and kinda like it… sometimes all the sweat grosses me out like- how can my body produce that much water?  Where does it all come from?!!?    But then again:  drowning in sweat

So that’s that.  I took today (Saturday) off because of both a pain in my foot and the fact that I had to work all day.  And I have to work a lot this week. Like the only 2 days I have completely off this week are Christmas and Friday.  Yup, other than that I am working every day.  Bummer.  But nothing can be done about it, plus I’m making money so I  can’t complain too much… or can I?

So that’s all I’ve got going in my life right now; work, tv, reading, running, knitting, sleep- repeat.  But I’m ok with it, this slowed down more relaxed life style was definitely needed after my hectic semester at school.  Oh for those of you who care, there probably aren’t many, but I got a 3.51 semester GPA, which means I made President’s list again this semester.  I’ve pretty happy about that because my overall GPA is now a 3.39 which I’d like to get up to a 3.5 overall before I graduate/apply to law schools because that’s what most law schools look for as an average (on the low-end).   So that is my goal for now.

Ok I just worked 9 hours at the Maxx, so I’m going to watch a movie and relax and then sleep and work tomorrow!  Until then TTFN.


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