Peace out 2012!

Ok so I’m writing with like 3 1/2 hours to spare- yay for procrastination! So I thought I’d make this a look back at this past year and my ideas for 2013.


General Life; k so this past year began with me turning 20 and finally being able to say that I’m in my 20s (barely). I went somewhere cool for spring break by going down to visit my grandparents for the week in Florida and getting to go to Disney World. 003   I ran for my school’s SGA Vice-President and won.  I became a senior (by credits) somehow and am on track to graduating on time (even early if I wanted) while adding a minor last-minute.  I finally decided upon law school as the route I wanted to go to continue my education.

I’ve gotten over broken hearts and general embarrassments that I always bring on myself (I’m terribly clumsy).  I’ve bonded with the SGA President, Ra Ra, whom I would call my friend. 

Even though I’m sure I have a tendency of getting on his nervs and take any and all opportunities to do something to him like pie him in the face….. multiple times.  Ryan+ Pie

Running; I  also ran in the Plattsburgh half-marathon for my 2nd time and brought my time down 15 minutes.  I ran my first marathon that seriously tested my mental and physical capabilities.  166537_3551077253459_2012934342_nI brought my 5k time down another 2 minutes from the previous season, while at the same time managing to stay major injury free (which was a serious bonus from the previous year).  I got a new awesome team when a bunch of new people joined.  And I’ve learned my priorities when it comes to running, which are; I love running and if I really want to drop my times I have to train harder, but I recognize at the same time that its fun and sometimes I can’t take it too seriously.

I completed the Pine Bush Sprint Tri for the 2nd time and brought my time down around 11 minutes.  I joined (sorta) a triathlon training group and trained with my friend Christine, in addition to attending my weekly running group.  And I’ve learned and seriously love that running with someone makes the run go 10x faster- no seriously try it.

And honestly that’s all that I can remember as being super-duper important this past year, I don’t dwell on the little stuff too much.

2013 Plans:

1. Make time for my running more in my schedule, by not letting my schedule get as hectic as this past year. 

      i.e. Learn how to not stress as much and learn to leave my office by around 7- 8 p.m every night instead of stressing myself out and staying there till midnight.

2. Swim more.

     i.e. Because I love and miss it…..

3. Make President’s list again this coming semester, by getting a 3.6 for the semester.

         i.e.  Law school is very competitive!

4. Improve my 5k, half-marathon, and marathon times

5.  Compete in and finish a half-Ironman

6. Run in and finish a (“short”) ultramarathon

7. Not die on my 21st birthday

            i.e. I just think its a good goal to have, because well…. I don’t wanna die.

8. Lose ~5 lbs. and just feel better about my body.

9. Remember to take my multivitamin more frequently

       i.e. I’m anemic and sometimes forget to take it 😛

! 10. Just have fun!

     i.e. Learn to let some things go and learn that nothing is really a life or death situation, except of course if you are trapped in a car that just fell into a river and it is filling up and if you don’t get out you’ll die, but that’s an exception….

I think this is the perfect picture to end 2012 with because we don’t need to dwell on the past, and for all of you who know me in life can we forget all my clumsiness and embarrassing moments of the year? Because that would be super awesome too! forget-2012

I’ll see y’all in 2o13! So until later, TTFN!


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