Dumb Laws

Ok, so I’m not just calling laws dumb because I got in trouble or anything.  I took out a few books from the library about the justice system, laws, and dumb laws in the United States.  One book I got followed 2 British guys who came to the United States and attempted to break a bunch of dumb laws that we have.  I’ve decided this is a fantastic idea and I have since put it on my bucket list…er… book.  So I believe that I shall start off with breaking dumb laws in New York since I live in New York and it will be the easiest.

Oh and this weekend I’m going to be in Pennsylvania to visit family so I’m going to be breaking some laws then too.  I think I even convinced some of my family members to partake in law breaking activities with me!  Either way its going to be a fun weekend. 

Well I’ll let you know how the weekend goes along  with my training things next week!  Sorry I’m a little out of touch right now, I’m kinda busy and have my head going 4 different ways.

So until later, TTFN.


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