Farmer’s Market and the end of my week

Ok so yesterday I went to the farmer’s market near my house.  It was quite lovely I always love going.  I bought some bread, pesto, garlic cheese (yum) , apple cider, pickles…. and I think that’s it.  Anywhoser, I’m terribly sorry I didn’t take any pictures this time because I was awkwardly staring at all the amazing food, but I digress…

So today marked the last day of my 4 miles/day week and tomorrow I start my 5 miles/day training week.  And I also start my final count down till I go back to school, let me just take a quick moment here to pause and say I can’t wait to be back in Potsdam! As stressed as I am when I’m there I have so much fun and miss all my friends there that I love being up there.   So I can’t wait to run on my Potsdam training loops, which I can now accurately measure with my GPS watch!

So I believe that’s enough about my running for now.  I’m kinda stressed (which is part of the reason I can’t wait to be back in the ‘dam) because my parents feel the need to keep reminding/telling me how expensive law school is and pretty much making me feel like all their doing is telling me “no, you can’t” when all I want to hear is “it’s going to be difficult, but you can”.  So that’s how I’m feeling about that right now, but on the plus side I got a funny quote from the Good Wife, which I’ve taken to watching against my will with my mom.  Anyways, the quote is; “When the law is an ass, someone’s gotta kick it.”  I thought it was funny anyways…

Moving along, I had to email Ra Ra about some info I needed for a presentation, besides the point anyways, he ends his email with the line “Anyways, there are going to be some changes about me, don’t ask questions just go with it”- along those lines anyways.  What the hell?! The man knows I HATE when people say things like that.  Anywhoser, I did some sleuthing (the facebook kind) and I’ve guessed a few things; I think that he’s a) been working out and b) broken up with his girlfriend.  If my guesses turn out to be true, then I’m a mix between Jesus and a Private Detective.  Bam!
So now I have the unfortunate luck to have to wait like a week to see if I’m right or now.  Wish me the best of luck in this guessing endeavor!

TTFN. army running candences


Because well I really need to learn these in the next few days so that Morg and I can yell them on our 6 a.m runs.


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