Getting back in the swing

So I got back to Potsdam yesterday afternoon.  I pretty much just spent my day unpacking, grocery shopping and then hanging out with 2 of my pledge brothers from PMA.  I love them because a) they are super duper fun and b) I don’t have a b… I just love them.  Anywhoser, Chris and I always watch movies together, we have a list of movies we need to watch together and somehow it always ends up getting longer. But that’s a topic for another day.  My other pledge brother Rob, is an amazing cook- for reals.  He made stuffed shells last night while at my house, which I was more than happy to eat.  The fact that he cooks and I clean lead us to decide we were getting engaged.  I just found this ring on-line, maybe I’ll make Rob buy it for me hahaha

I think its pretty anyways…. So that was the joke of the night last night.

And today I ran my 5 when I got up this morning.  And I thought I was going to get frost bite.  Like I had multiple layers on, socks, gloves, etc. and when I went to get in the shower I realized how cold I was and almost my entire body was red from the wind.

I’ve since learned that layers are my best friend especially when I run in the mornings wicked early, like this coming week before classes because its going to be seriously cold outside.

Also, I’m trying to stay as de-stressed as possible before my presentation today and before the first week of classes.  As in I’m going to attempt to get a decent amount of work done this weekend before classes start next week so that I can chill during my birthday week, because that’s right I made my birthday a whole week.
So I’ll let you know how it goes, until later TTFN.



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