Ok so I’ve been working in my office for like all day at this point in order to make more posters with various parts of the Student Code on it to put up this week, but that’s besides the point.  I’ve come to the mindset and thought process that we have very little rights on college campuses. I mean the Student Code is all about what you can and can’t do on campus which is like 9 pages like and there are only 8 bullet points of our rights as students.  Does anyone else think that’s messed up at all?

Additionally, What is the thought process behind the limited rights we have?  I’ve heard the argument that ‘its for the safety and protection of the larger body’ but then going off of that argument I could just as easily argue for a “Big Brother” type government that watches and controls everything we do in the community.  I mean by that thought process we should have less rights than we do in the “real world”.

But don’t say the “real world” vs. college to some because they will argue that College is giving you a taste of the real world.  Well by that thought process shouldn’t we have the same rights as in the real world?

For example; SUNY Central has handed down a Tobacco Free initiative which will force all SUNY campuses to become Tobacco free by 2014.  

If government were to try that across the United States there would be a lot of protesting and the like, but because we are on a college campus we are just supposed to accept it because there’s nothing we can do about it?! What bull is that? It’s supposed to be about bettering about the campus community, but what about the rights of the individuals who call the campus home for about 9 months of the year?  Additionally, you are killing revenue in the school market, taking away freedom of choice for those whose home is the campus, about to piss of a lot of union workers, students, faculty and staff, and about to waste University Police’s time writing tickets for those caught smoking cigarettes on campus?

I’m not a smoker myself and personally I think its terrible for you and that those who smoke should quit.  But at the same time I’m not going to go up to an individual I see smoking- take their cigarettes and then tell them that I am going to be watching their every move so that they won’t be able to smoke around any of the good people on campus who find it offensive because in essence that’s what SUNY Central is doing.

And another thing, for those of you who attend/have attended/ or plan on attending a SUNY school expect SUNY Central and Chancellor Zimpher to screw with your education further.  Seeing as how I’ve created quite the rant as it is right now I’d ask you to look up the proposed Resource Allocation Tool also known as R.A.T (and no I couldn’t make up that kind of shortened version of the name if I tried).  But don’t be surprised if you can’t find anything about it, keeping all important information in the sole hands of the SUNY Board of Trustees is just another way you’ll never know how your education and institution is being affected until it is too late.
But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now that my rant is done and I feel no better at all I shall continue making my posters informing the students on campus about the rights they have, what little rights they may be.

Until later, TTFN.


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