People ask me…

How do you keep your sanity? And I say I don’t. It’s long gone.   But that’s just my opinion anyways.  I mean my friend Sean (Goon) and I both agree that I’m terribly awkward, but I wouldn’t trade my aka-awkwardness for someone who never screws up and never does the most awkward things because hey I just make life interesting.  If not only for myself, but for those who get a front row view of my awkwardness haha. Jenna- Awkwar

I feel like me and the main girl Jenna from Awkward could be living the same life.  Except well, for the fact that I don’t have two men in my life fighting for my love, nor am I in high school, nor do I have like a super bit** enemy, nor are my parents like on the rocks, and I have 2 younger brothers.  So ok, maybe the only similarity is that our lives are both incredibly uncomfortably awkward.  You know the kind I’m talking about, the – terrible car crash you can’t look away from thank God that’s not your life.  Yeah, that’s mine.

On the plus side, my running is going well so far.  I ended last week with 29.5 miles instead of 30, but I think I’ll forgive myself for not having that last .5 miles.  Anywhoser, I started my week off right with a 5:30 a.m run in 6 degree weather.  I kid you not, it was 6 degrees this morning.  In fact it was so cold that not only did I freeze my booty off (what little booty I have) that I also managed to end my run covered in frost….. how that happened, I’m not quite sure, but I thought it was kinda comical.  And so again I kid you not, my life is awkwardly bizarre.

Anyways, this week is another 5 mile/day week, but with no rest day leading into my 6 mile/day week next week.  So we will see how this goes.  So far I’m almost 100% sure that my run on Thursday morning is going to be terribly horrible because I’m going to be hung over like a boss from all my Happy 21st Birthday partying that I shall be doing.  I mean you only turn 21 once so why not go hard? Plus, I know that I’ll be home by 10 because I’m pretty sure there’s no way I will be able to last beyond that, I get up at 5 in the morning for the love of pickles.
So that’s all for my ramblings for now.  I believe that I’ve fully exhausted all of my procrastination out of my system and now I fully intend to work for a few more hours before I go home for the night.

Until later, TTFN.  miss-hating-the-summer-heat-seasonal-ecards-someecards


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