Like a virgin..

So I went into a liquor store to buy alcohol for the first time yesterday.  I was a tad excited and I feel like it was rightfully so.  And then I had to give myself a pep talk before I went in because my aca-aweasome sister Danielle had to tell me to chill.  So I was all like Benji from Pitch Perfect;  benji- normal day

Anywhoser, it was tons of fun.  I mean alcohol is expensive and I don’t intend to go like everyday but it was a rush.  So that was my super cool night last night.  I drank and watched a movie with Bill and Danielle.  Then Danielle and I got in an argument with Bill about the female anatomy vs. the male and well let’s just say I now have a few epic quotes ahahha.

And today I had a house meeting, which was super long and not fun at all.  I had to yell at a few people for dumb shit.  And I have to get my homework done because I have a lot due this week and I need to keep on top of my SGA V.P shit so that I can run for President and not be a total spaz- which won’t happen because I’m always a spaz, but I digress…

And I have a meeting tonight, which I forgot is at the same time as the Olympics that I have to participate in as part of the Athletic Department. And I don’t really have a choice for that since I’m team captain and representative on the Athletic Leadership Council so I  need to set a good example.  So I’m hoping that the people in my committee meeting will understand.

Also, today was my last 5 m/7 days week.  Tomorrow starts the beginning of my 6 m/day for 6 days week.  And I’m going to try running inside of Maxcy in the field house because its super cold in the morning and I’m honestly not sure how much more my body can take of the cold.  So that’s all I’ve got for now.

Until later, TTFN.   tumblr_m9n7dx56Sh1rzqmd9o1_500

Something I always hope is true so I feel better about my slow running.


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