Ok so there’s honestly no other way to say it, but that I’m stressed hardcore and its only the 2nd week of school.  And let’s be honest I didn’t really do too much the 1st week because it was my birthday week, so really this is like the 1st real week of work and I’m super stressed. stressed

    The Greek community on my campus is like being persecuted by the administration and it is all centered around the one woman who I’ve been fighting against with our Student Code of Conduct.  She just keeps adding fuel to my hate-fire.   But I’d like to digress…

My training has been down the shitter if you will pardon my french. (Side-note: why is that the saying when you swear?) I mean I took my 1 day off for the week on Monday because quite frankly I was feeling a Monday as the day off.  So I ran 5 on Tuesday and then I didn’t run Wednesday morning because I knew I was going to be up wicked late that night and I didn’t particularly feel like getting no sleep, but honestly I regretted not running. But I mean there’s nothing I can really do about it now.  And today I only ran 4, I’m not sure why but I haven’t been really feeling the running thing these  past few days.  But I don’t care I am still going to “Live like a clock” plus since I’m stressed beyond all belief it will should help, but I’m not 100% sure about that right now.

Oh, I got yelled at by Ra Ra this morning, that was lovely.  Needless to say it was not appreciated and I don’t like being yelled at, I never have.  Like even if its in class and my professor is yelling at the whole class my first reaction is to like start crying, I’m not sure why but it is.  Anyways, that was my first reaction this morning and thank God for my friend Joe who I love to pieces who tried to make me feel better and then when he realized it wasn’t working just gave me a hug.  I love Joe. friends

Anyways, I tried to be calm and tell Ry later why he was an ass in the morning later in the day, but it just ended up with us kinda yelling at each other while I walked down the hall. And quite frankly I’m still mad at him so I’m not talking to him and he’s not really talking to me and its stupid, but at the same time I’m mad so I refuse to be the first to give into this silence thing.  Either way, my friend/therapist Sean gave me a hug also and confirmed Ra Ra’s ass-like status so I do feel better.

On top of all this I have tons of homework and I have to worry about this girl Jully who ran against me for Vice-President who I beat running against me for President, which is super stressing me out.  So yeah, that’s all the things that are currently going on in my life.  Ugh, ok let me attempt to get back to work before I go to Sean and his awesome girlfriend Alicia’s performance!

Until later, TTFN.


One thought on “STRESSED!

  1. Wishing you some calm vibes and hopefully this weekend calms down for you. I’ve been wanting to visit Potsdam sometime in the future (since I’m running Platts this year). I’be heard bits and peices of the Greek Life situation but not too much. Hope everthing clears up!

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