A renewed Tri

So I know my last post was super downey, but I believe that I’ve reached a renewed sense for my healthy eating and training. I call this renewed sense of purpose IRONMAN 2014. Yup that’s right good people- I intend to participate in Iron Man Lake Placid in 2014. Ironman Lake Placid

I mean its kinda been an idea in the works since this past summer when I got serious about my Tri training with my friend Christine and when I took like 10 minutes off of my sprint time.  And I know, taking 10 minutes off of my sprint time isn’t exactly equivalent to pushing my body for like 17 hours, but I digress…

Currently, I have around $150 saved towards a new (pretty) race bike.  Yes, I’m quite concerned not only with the functionality of my bike but its level of pretty.  This is my dream bike, is a Quintana Roo and its like $4,000+ dollars…. needless to say it won’t be my first real racing bike, but I would love to have it someday.  Especially since it comes in Pink- my favorite color.quintana roo - dream bike

Additionally, Christine, our friend Becca, and I are volunteering for IMLP 2013 so that not only can I see what I will be up against next year, but also so that we will get first dibs on registering and have less of a chance of getting closed out.

And actually Christine just called me yesterday and told me we were lifeguarding at 5:30 a.m (Ugh, gonna need coffee) and like 8:30-10:30 p.m at night.  But because of the lateness of our 2nd one we get a fast passed to the front of the line for registering for IMLP 2014 the next day.  SCORE!  I will totally be ok with being tired if I get to register ahead of others.

And beside all that, I’m super stressed. I JUST caught up on my school work and….. I’m behind again, all in the space of one day.  But that’s just college I guess.  Oh and P.B and I are like super pissy with each other, which is so much fun.  I feel like if we just have one really good screaming match at each other than everything will go back to normal and he can stop acting like so much of an ass, because he’s really pissing me off.  My therapist, Sean concurs that we obviously need to get some things off our chests, but I don’t want to be the one to bring up a screaming match as a bonding moment to P.B.  So for now I’m just going to deal with it and take out my frustrations on my training.
I did 5 miles on the dreadmill today and then did a tiny bit of abs.  My idea is that every day I will do like at least 10 of some sort of ab workout, and then when that starts getting easy, I’ll add 1o more.  And then eventually maybe by the time the summer comes around I will have a sexy bod!  A girl can dream right?

Well that’s it for now, until later TTFN.


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