Hurts so good!

Ok, so I’ve been doing abs for the past like week and the first 3 days were absolute torture as in- every day my abs hurt like no tomorrow.  Then about half way through the week, they started to hurt less, I mean don’t get me wrong they still kill when I’m actually doing the abs, but they hurt far less afterwards.  So I’m pretty happy with the idea that I might be making some abs progress!  Anywhoser, I’m debating whether or not to take today off, a part of me is like yes, don’t press too hard after your low workout week but the other half of me is like Go GO GO!  4%I really want to get into great shape because right now in my eyes, I’m in ok shape. Like I run, but I haven’t swam in a while nor have I biked.  But I on the other hand I’ve been running and doing abs and even lifting weights every few days, which is a huge accomplishment for me because I’ve always had an aversion to lifting.  I think I’m more ok with it now because every time I go to the gym, at least 1 of my friends (usually one of the guys) is there to kick my butt into shape so it helps.

So that’s going well at least.  The rest of my life… not so much.  There’s giant shit storms happening in SGA, literally there are too many for me to try to list on here and quite frankly I’d rather not talk about them right now.  Additionally, it seems like all Ry and I ever do anymore is fight, like seriously we got into a pretty large fight last night and I know its only going to continue today during our E-board meeting… joy.  And I had to go to a conference yesterday at Clarkson, the school legit just down the road from us, which turned out not to be that bad.  I made some good connections to their SGA E-board, but unfortunately I had to partake in a meeting with Canton, that I also won’t get into now because it severely pissed me off and started the whole fight with Ry.

Irregardless, that’s a problem I have to deal with.  Luckily I have such a good friend in Joe whom worked out with me today and kicked my arms in the butt?? Needless to say my arms and shoulders are sore.  So thank you Joe!

So that’s it for now, until later TTFN.


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