What goes down, must go up.

So yes, I realize that I wrote the saying backwards but I feel like this way it more accurately depicts my life.  That being said the past… oh I don’t know… 5 days have been pure hell.  Literally Thursday- Monday (yesterday) I’ve been busy beyond belief, stressed, drinking, cranky, yell-y (I know it’s not a word), and just overall a super ***** (not nice word).  But this morning things have started looking up.  anti-stupid

First off, I got my hair did and I made it to class right on time and I actually walked there with Pooh Bear this morning, which was a change of pace.

Then I actually had a few meetings, was semi- productive with getting some readings done that I was behind in.  I dropped my major and made it a minor. Yup, you read that right, I dropped my Environmental Studies major.  It was a slight process, but I’m ok with it.   In fact, I feel good about it.  I dropped it down to a minor so I will hopefully graduate with a Political Science Major and a double minor in Environmental Studies and Pre-Law.  And who knows? I’m contemplating adding a 3rd minor…. ambitious- maybe, is it possible- definitely.

I’d like to just say that I resent the department head trying to pin my dropping the major on the amount of work.  Please woman, I do more work and balance it pretty damn well than 2 college kids, I didn’t drop it because it was too much work (I’m only 3 classes away from completing that major), but because I realized it wasn’t my passion.  But I will talk about that another day because it pertains to SUNY Day that I went to with P.B yesterday.

Moving along, I got an easy 5 in today.  On top of that I submitted some Constitutions to our secretary for submission and contact the clubs that are submitting them.  I also, bought/made a shit ton of Valentine’s Day cards because I believe that everyone should feel loved on Valentine’s Day, not just couples.  And so yeah, I basically feel like my life might be turning around and that I might actually be getting back on track.

As for tonite, well I have a rush event with my house and then I’m going to get drunk with some of my sisters at the bar.  I haven’t been to the bar since my birthday so I plan to get drunk and probably spend a lot of money.  But I’m ok with that.

So I will update y’all more tomorrow, until then TTFN.


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