I want to be a walking encyclopedia

No, but I’m being serious.  If there’s anything I dislike most in the world its not knowing things. I hate having other people know things that I don’t. And I don’t mean in the menial gossip knowing things more than me, I mean knowing more than me in various areas of study or areas of study that I’m interested in. I hate feeling stupid.  It always drives me to research whatever I didn’t know so that I won’t feel dumb, but sometimes I can’t and it drives me up a wall.  If I could have a super power it would be; To learn a bunch of information and remember it forever. Smarty_Pants-900x900

Well until I can manifest that superpower, I will continue to read and do the New York Times crossword puzzle- even though some days that thing is wicked hard!  I sometimes call a friend for help on some of them.

Also I’ve taken to watching the news while I run on the treadmill in the morning, then reading the New York Times, then going on-line for BBC and CNN.  I like to compare my news 😛

Anywhoser, I was sick last week with a chest congestion so I didn’t really run, in fact I took 4 days off.  Then I ran my school’s annual Shamrock 5k and I ran it in 26:41, which considering I had been sick the week before and hadn’t really run I’m pretty  happy with that time.
Oh, and I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned but I’ve incorporated biking and weights into my daily workout routine. Sometimes, the bike doesn’t make it in my daily routine, but the weights definitely do.  I’m happy to say that I definitely am feeling stronger.  Oh! And I’ve been doing abs too! I’m really trying to become a more well rounded athlete in terms of working out, not just running.  So that maybe I will have less injuries and will just be more fit overall.

So that’s it for now, until later TTFN.


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