Moving On

So relations between Ry and I have been rocky at best and I’ve finally decided something.  With him having only a week and a half left in office and around 2 months before he graduates and me with *hopefully* one more year in office and to go in school, the time to begin our separation is now.  Things between us this past semester haven’t gone well, and no matter how much I sugar coat and try to excuse both of our behavior we obviously can’t be around each other anymore.  I feel like that my time to keep forgiving and forgetting is over.  That’s not to say that I’m going to be malicious towards him or any of that nonsense, its more or less just it will be better for me and my mental health to stop putting up with him.  I’ve been warned down to multiple break downs in one day (not to mention some drinking) and putting myself in that kind of state isn’t necessary.  Sure, I know there will be times where I will be stressed with work, but this has gone on long enough.
I talked to my friend Sean the other day and I told him that I was done with Ry and that I’m finally going to let it all go and move on and I’m serious.  Thankfully, I’m on spring break right now so I can get a much-needed vacation and rest, but even when we come back I’m going to be keeping our relationship more professional than its ever been in order to keep my sanity.  And honestly I think it’s what’s best because there comes a point, that no matter how hard you try to forgive, to fight for something, the best thing can honestly just be to move on. stopholdingontowhathurts So that is what I will do.

So in the spirit of moving on I will let you know what the heck else is going on in my life. 
First, my lent started last Monday, I’m Russian Orthodox, and I’ve decided to give up Meat and Swearing.  They’ve both been a challenge in their own ways thus far. Meat because well I love meat and now I get random meat cravings, oh wait that happened before….

And swearing because I have to be far more conscious of what I’m letting come out of my mouth, since I find I catch myself still swearing unintentionally.  But giving up something for Lent isn’t supposed to be easy, so I say- BRING IT ON!

Additionally, I’m on spring break right now, which for me equals catching up on some much-needed sleep, catching up/trying to get ahead on some homework, and generally just trying to stay in shape and relax.  So far so good I’d like to say.  In fact I just went to an old theatre tonite with my Daddy to see the Big Lebowski, I really liked it I thought it was funny.

Uhhh what else can I tell you about my boring life?!?!? I’m picking out classes for next semester if that helps? I’m having a tad bit of a struggle because I am going to be a T.A. for one class and I don’t want to over-load myself too much.  I’m hoping to become SGA President next year.
Oh for any of you who read my blog and go to SUNY Potsdam vote for me April 4th to be the next SGA President!!!

Ok, so I think that about sums up my life for right now.  So until later, TTFN.


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