Rain is made up of a lot of rain drops.

So as I said before Alumni Board was this past weekend and a lot of lovely things happened (besides all the crazy drinking);  First off, I saw Roger Linden, the school lawyer crack multiple jokes (I’ve never seen him besides with a serious face), and then wear jeans! Again, I’ve never seen him in anything besides a 3 piece suit.  I hugged the President of the school and we had lovely chats about the most random crap because hey, that’s just Schwaller.

I met a woman who I hope to intern with possibly next spring.  I got on P.B.’s and Josh’s nerves tremendously… that part was super fun.  I got to see my besties A.j. and his gf/ my new bff Sue and drink with them and become their surrogate daughter.. we can discuss that at a later date…

I talked with a woman named Amy Kellog on the Alumni Board about a program that works in tandem with Albany Law for my masters/J.D. and I heard back from a possible internship opportunity that I have to call on Monday to know whether or not I am able to have an internship this summer in Albany…

I got to bond with my little, I got a bunch of free stuff at Springfest.  I had one of my good friends suggest we date and I kinda freaked out and just stared him and made the whole situation super awkward…. Still don’t know what I’m going to do about that. 


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