Working it out

So Wednesday I ran with Kinga, it was a lovely run and I almost died.  I haven’t been working out, in fact I’ve been very strongly slacking as of current.  But I hopped back on the bandwagon so to speak last Saturday and I’ve been working out everyday again.  I’ve been eating healthier again and I have some goals for my body.

My goals are; 7bc71d111551947f8131a1e6712630cd

– lose 5-10 lbs.

– get toned.

– define my abs.

I basically just want to get into better shape in general.  I want to wear my bikini on the beach and feel hot, but I also want my body to have more power for my tri’s and my running.  My body is capable of all that muscle and power I just have to sculpt it out! And that’s where my friend Maggie and sister Carla come in…

Maggie is great with nutrition, like seriously.  I go grocery shopping with her/actually make her go with me every week so that she can help me pick out better options.  She’s like a step below dietitian and she’s a personal trainer- she knows her stuff.

And my sister Carla is really intense with fitness (I think she’s an amateur body builder?) don’t quote me on that.  Anyways, she’s basically a bamf with working out and lifting.  So she’s been kind enough to help give me some workouts and plans to do.

So basically these next two weeks at school I’m going to be kicking my own butt into shape with the help of Kinga, Maggie, and Carla.  I think that if I can get myself going then I’ll be able to keep it up and not stop.  Especially, since I’ve made plans with my friend Ne Ne at home to do Insanity when we get back… I think I go this.

So I have loads more to tell you, but it doesn’t relate to working out so I’ll save it for later. It’s exciting too! But with that I’ll leave you on a cliffhanger.

So until later, TTFN.


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