Good things come to those who… stalk.

So my mom’s text to me the other morning the day of my interview with Assemblywoman Russell’s office; “don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm…. without looking like a stalker.”  Thanks mom, I’ll try not to be a stalker.  Background to this text- I kinda stalked Addie Russell’s assembly page.  But to justify it, I did it as a break from studying for my finals this past week and because I wanted to learn more about her.  264535_10201200007026031_1283673673_n

Anywhoser, it went well….. I start Wednesday. So if you can’t tell, the decision was made for me in essence- I turned down the Environmental Advocates of New York.

But I’m very excited.  I really wanted to intern with Addie and now that I’m going to, well to be honest. I’m a little bit terrified. But mostly because I don’t want to screw up and I don’t want to look stupid.  But I do think that I’ll learn a lot and I am excited for that.  But I have to go home and finish up packing. I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m going to spend the night at my camp with my mom drinking a few beers because I’m 21 and I can.  So I might be a little radio silent for a few days, which is funny because a friend of mine just commissioned today, but I’ll talk about that later….

So until then, TTFN.


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