So I’ve restarted the Insanity program. Sean T; Insanity I’m doing it with my friend Renee aka Ne Ne.  So far we have made it through a full week of Insanity, every day we take a look at one of the pictures in my ‘Motivation Book’ designed to keep us motivated for the workout ahead.  So far it’s been working for us and it really helps to have someone to do it with.  I’m less likely to give up or quit and Ne Ne said the same thing.  Plus we both hate Tanya…. in fact everyone I’ve talked to whose ever done the program hates her.

I think she gets paid more to make people hate her…. somehow.  Anywhoser, its going well so far.  Every day I do Insanity, every day I die.  But I can actually do a few push ups now and like my thighs have gotten way bigger.. in a good way… ?  I’m doing a lot of squat type maneuvers with the program so a part of my body (my booty) is getting lovely so I’d say I’m enjoying the butt kicking.

Also my internship is going well. I had my 3rd day/2nd week today.  Matt is really growing on me to say the least.  He’s a very nice guy and to be honest I think he’s glad to have someone to work with because it kinda gets boring by yourself… we spend a lot of time in the office and we spend all day together so we pretty much talk about everything under the sun.  He’s going to Vermont Law School in the fall so he’s been giving me tips on law school stuff which is nice.  I don’t know, I like him.  He’s nice and he’s a wicked good guy to learn all the things I need to learn from.   Plus he’s my lunch buddy everyday!

So that’s going well, I won’t go into specifics right now of what I do on a daily basis- trust me I don’t want to bore you.  But currently it is severe thunder-storming (did I just make a new word?) so I’m just waiting for the power to go out.  But other than that it was a fun day.  I have to wait and see if Ne Ne will even be able to come over in this weather to do our workout, if not I might have to do it alone! No run for me today- obviously, I’d prefer not to be struck by lightning. But I do have a long run scheduled with my teammate Brett Brett next Friday since we live near each other.  But that’s all the big plans I’ve got going for now.

So until later, TTFN.


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