Elle Russell

The more I get into politics and the political system the more I love it, especially since I’m getting to see all the things you aren’t normally able to see as a regular individual.  Knowing all the time and stress among various other things that goes into being a public official (and quite frankly the more I watch West Wing), the more I’m convince that I someday would like to be the President of the United States.  So keep me in mind when I’m running in a few years, that I told you that I would run and that I knew I would win.

I’m making a list of things I want to make sure I remember and bring to the table in my Presidency, both in SGA and when I win the U.S. elections.  But I’ll talk about that maybe at a later date.  Moving along….

So whenever someone asks me why a picture of Elle Woods is on my Facebook page, I tell them it’s because she’s my idol.  This usually then involves a bit of making fun of.  People don’t understand how a fictional character can be my idol, so I’ll tell you how.  She was this blonde California girl, not expected to amount for much, yet gets into law school, helps solve a case, graduates at the top of her class then ends up working in the legislature.  Who wouldn’t look up to that?

Well I feel like I’ve found a real life Elle Woods in the Assemblywoman I intern for, Addie Russell.  She went to law school and right away got involved in local government where she slowly worked her way up while practicing law.  Now she’s an Assemblywoman in the NYS Assembly.  She’s involved in a lot and is heavily into women’s equality.  Yesterday, there was a woman’s equality rally at which she spoke along with other influential speakers such as Cynthia Nixon (from Sex and the City) also a big women’s equality activist, Sarah Weddington the woman who brought the Roe v. Wade case to the Supreme Court and won it, among many other influential people.

I stop and think everyday how lucky I am that Addie decided to give me a chance to help out in her office and learn.  I’m gaining so much knowledge and experiences, that sometimes it’s hard not to take it for granted.
I have goals for myself, outside my normal get good grades, workout, etc.  I want to get my J.D. and hopefully eventually get into the legislator; first state, then country.  Then one day, as silly as it sounds I want to be President of the United State.  But first I have to finish my senior year of undergrad. 😛

I’ve got big goals for myself, but I think I can do them… no I know I can do them.  Hey maybe one day you’ll see my face on the t.v. running for Presidency!  If you do- please vote for me!

So until later, TTFN.


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