Ok so I just watched an infomercial for Insanity and as I mentioned a few weeks back I started the program again with my friend Ne Ne.  Now I don’t have a before picture to show the universe of what I looked like before, mostly because no way are people gonna see that and also because my computer has herpes (I’ll get to that later), but I have realized that I have been getting results.  Maybe not the results that I want thus far, but I’m definitely getting results. 88735055127908558_NEARgXJH_f Before when I was at school I could do *maybe* and I say maybe loosely here, 5 regular push ups.  Now I can do like 5-10 moving push ups.  Yeah that’s right I said moving push ups.  That’s where you go down like a regular push up then come up and move over and go down.  They are hard and they hurt but hey I can do them! 427537_360257074002517_343753738986184_1359003_993194114_n

So right now, 6 pack abs- non-existent.  But I can do push ups, I feel that my abs are tighter (under their protective covering), I can do squats with the best where before they hurt so bad to do I was lucky if I did 5.  So I’m only 1/2 way done with the program so if I can tough it out and make it through the next month I think I’ll be super BAMF! maxresdefault

And maybe then I’ll get my 6 pack.. who knows?

Tanya probably knows.. I’d just like to say if you’ve ever done Insanity then you know who I’m talking about and how everyone inadvertently hates her. tumblr_m7n46l5gHK1r8cpfgo1_250

Moving on… my friend Alexandra has done the program through.  Currently, she isn’t doing it again simply because she has stuff going on, but she agreed to do it with me when we get back to school so I’m excited to have another partner.  Ne Ne has stopped doing it and I can’t blame her, she has some serious time constraints and can’t fit it into her schedule.

Anywhoser, during the infomercial they talked about the amount of sweat that comes off of you during the workout and I can say from experience they aren’t lying! I feel like I sweat pools of sweat. 527342_371107542927259_112598052111544_960430_493707345_n

It’s also harder to push myself now that I’m by myself, but that’s just another component of Insanity- Sean T is a great motivator!  He’s always telling you to keep pushing, pushing himself along with you. So that is keeping me going…. oh and the fact that I want abs! Insanity2


Oh, so on to why I haven’t really been posting/my computer has herpes.  It got spammed or hacked or whatever.  So I haven’t been able to use my laptop.. grrr.

So I’m currently waiting for my friend to take a look at it for me because the computer guys at the place cost like $80 an hour and my friend is just as good at fixing computers but he’s doing it for free so win!  Anywhoser, my laptop is going to be out of commission for a few days more so if my posting time lags again that is why.
So that’s all I got for y’all for now.

So until later, TTFN!


2 thoughts on “DAMN!

  1. UGH, I feel you on taking your computer in. I actually had to get my laptop fixed and boy was it a pain in the butt and costed out the ying yang.

    Miss you on dailymile and can’t wait to see how cross country goes for you this season. 🙂

  2. Wow I’ve totally forgotten about DM to be honest. I haven’t run in like 2 weeks to be fair but I’m going to attempt to start doing so again starting this week so we will see how this Insanity/running combo works!

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