Being Human

Ok so I KNOW I keep revisiting this and I’m very sorry for the constantness of this but it’s still something I’m struggling with.  Motivation.  I mean some days I really don’t want to work out or don’t see the point, even though I usually end up working out.  It’s just like I know I need to be patient, but I’m still kinda disappointed that I’m not seeing more results in terms of slimming down and getting a flatter stomach.  But  I had forgotten about my ‘Motivation Book’ in which I put a butt-ton of motivational pictures and quotes and I came across one that basically said; “not seeing results but trusting that one day I will see what I want and still working out when I’m frustrated” which kinda helped so I’ve continued with the working out! 5ac04d230f0fb8616d8b2dbb40f4c394

So I said I restarted the Insanity program, which is kinda true.  I’m doing it more on a loose basis- in that I’m doing it when I feel up to it which could be 4x a week or 1.  I’m basically just doing it at this point as another form of cross-training and not my main form of training.  Again, as I said in my last takes post I have increased my mileage to 25 miles, this is the 2nd week of my 25 mileage.  I’ve had two solid 5 mile runs per week for the last two weeks.  Honestly, when I first started doing 5 milers (it usually a little under an hour) I dreaded doing them because it took so long and my body kinda ached towards the last mile.  But now that I’ve been doing them for a while, I actually am really starting to enjoy them. a406c9db4985cf13708235e86e93dec3 I don’t notice how long it takes anymore, before it seemed like I could feel every minute going by, but now it passes much more quickly.  Next week during preseason and the week after I’m hoping to hit at least 30 miles per week and then we’ll see how my body feels.

Other than that, it’s the final week before I go back to school,  I move back in on Sunday.  So my room was a mess before, but now there’s a worse one because I’m attempting to pack and organize and my room is basically nuts looking.

I’m getting super pumped to go back and I can’t wait to live with two of my best friends; Kinga and Maggie. rea3f6f5e3744220ed6835a8a9954c3b6a They’re both really into working out and eating right so I know I’ll have a good support system when I’m back at school.  I’m also going to attempt to lift weights 2x a week on days when I don’t have early classes,  then swim 1-2x a week at night.  So we will see how long I’m able to keep it up or get it going at all with my busy schedule.

Also,  yesterday I went to the gym with my friend Christine and she helped me to learn good form for squats and bench press.  I even did dumbbell bench press at 20 lbs! I’ve never used that high of weights for that before! I’m happy to see some progress somewhere!a83c799bd3276b2046cebe9ce1e699fa

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.


2 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. I struggled a lot with motivation for the past year. I find when I work out with someone it helps a lot but that’s not always possible unfortunately. Glad you’re seeing progress in the weights that’s really awesome!!

  2. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one whose struggled with this! I definitely think it’s easier to workout when I have someone- but like you said it isn’t always possible. And thanks! I feel really happy that I’m making progress weight wise 🙂

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