The 1st week of my Senior Year

So I came back to school last Saturday instead of waiting until Sunday.   It was just easier/smarter to go the whole way instead of waiting. Anywhosers,  this whole week has been spent unpacking/organizing, running, lifting weights, and pretty much trying to get on top of everything before school really starts.  Kinga, Maggie, and I joined the gym that opened in town this past April called Rogue Fitness and Protein Bar. 487441_213183032157616_598274854_n  So far I really like it (to be honest I was going to join with or without them but it was nicer to have them).  We got a lesson on Wednesday of some basic lifting and strengthening exercises.  We need to master these and do them without much soreness before Jenn (the owner) will let us continue on.
Personally, I’m totally cool with that because my abilities are quite limited.  We are currently doing a lot of stretching and such for places that I didn’t even know were sore!  I think it’s good though because I’m learning about different parts of my body.

Someone told me yesterday that they thought I looked thinner, which was kinda nice to hear after struggling with feeling like I haven’t seen any results. imagesCA4LCHUS I’m hoping lifting and running and really eating right will get me to where I want to be.  But for now I will be patient!  So that’s going on and we have been going for the past 4 days (which includes today).  I’m definitely going to attempt to go like 5 days a week once classes/ meets start on Monday.  But I will talk more about that at a later time.

I finally managed to completely unpack… it took a lot of effort.  I didn’t really have a lot of stuff for my actual room it was more a lot for the kitchen/downstairs area and some stuff for my office.  Overall, I’m mostly just happy that I don’t have to be one of those people who has to move in today or tomorrow.  I’m glad I got a full week to get really settled in.

So Maggs and I went to the farmer’s market today to get some fresh fruits and veggies and they are all to die for! I got this awesome herb bread that I literally just want to smell all day long.  I used it to make a Panini for lunch- gotta say best thing ever.  I have a bunch to talk about in terms of my training this week, my new teammates and my new way of eating, but I think I will save all of that for tomorrow.

So until later, TTFN.


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