I pick things up and put them down.



Ok I’m sorry I remembered this commerical and thought it was perfect, plus it’s kinda hilarious.  Anywhoser, so yesterday was my XC team’s 1st meet of the season.  It was a close one (which is pretty unusual) so we actually got back around 2 p.m. Which is fantastic because it’s first Saturday which means all the businesses in town have deals.  And well the grandma in me wants to go get some discount yarn from the local craft store.  Judge me for my grandmotherlyness… I dare you.

Moving along… Kinga, Maggie, and I all 3 actually managed to make it to Rogue together this morning.  I think it’s the one day a week that our schedules will allow it.  To be honest though, most of the time I’m perfectly ok with going without them… I  love Maggs to pieces, but sometimes I need some time away from her.   Anyways, we’ve started to get bored with the basic routine that Jenn has had us doing, so we talked to her after we did our stuff and she gave us new things to do.  Can anyone say wall-balls, box jumps, deadlifts, oh my!  I’m super excited because I’ve honestly been longingly staring at the boxes and wanting to do box jumps.   However, I can tell this is going to be one of the things that will bruise me… badly.  Oh well! I’m growing to love my battle scars! untitled

I had some inner turmoil the other day.  Part of me is like; “ugh I don’t want to get gross like calloused man hands” and the other part of me is like; “look at my callouses, look at what I earned!”.  I know that’s kinda silly to think about, but lots of silly things go through my head so..

Ugh yes, burpees- those are still in our training repertoire. So much love for them… not really, they hurt.

But above all the excitement and learning how to eat better and healthier there lies happiness.  That’s right.  I’m still not comfortable with how my body looks, but I’m no longer concentrating so hard on what I’m eating and I’m not stressing so much about losing weight.  Instead, I’m like; “I want to be able to lift that or do those, etc.” I’m learning to be happy with what my body is capable of doing and in time eventually getting to where I want to be.
I’m excited to workout nowadays.  I can’t wait to go to Rogue, I like to go to our school gym on top of it to use some traditional weights, and I’m running around an hour a day.  And I’m enjoying all of it.  I think re-finding my joy in working out and constantly getting new things to do has really helped me.

So all I can say now is that I’m constantly exhausted from the early mornings and multiple workouts, but I’m happy and that’s what’s most important.

So until later, TTFN.


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