We all walk around with extra weight, whether it be pounds on our bodies, emotional weight, or literally just weight.  Sometimes you have to put your weight into perspective, like you might think its a 50 lb. weight when really its a 5 lb. weight.
So basically this weekend I felt a tad craptastic when it came to my cross-country race.  Last weekend I ran 26:49 5k and this past weekend I ran 25:14 5k.  Both aren’t bad times necessarily, but I ended last season in the 24s and every season since my freshman year I’ve started off at the time I previously left off at.  So I was kinda upset, I had a little breakdown actually.  But I texted my friend Hollikins who gave me some sound words of advice and helped me to get it into perspective.  And I talked to my friend Kinga who also helped me put it in perspective.  She basically said; “Freshman year we hit 28/30 min 5k and dreamed of 25s, now you are at 25 min 5k and are upset?  You need to just relax, you’ll get faster” And they are both right, they helped me realize that my 50 lb. weight was really just a 5 lb. weight.

So that helped and some crazy stuff happened Saturday night, but I really don’t feel the need to get into it here.  Anywhoser, that basically made me feel the need to lift heavy shit on Sunday.  So I went to Rogue Sunday and did deadlifts.  I made it up to 20 lbs. on each side + the 45 lb. bar, so 85 l.  One of the guys there named Seth looks at me and goes you can lift 135.  I looked at him and was like are you nuts?!?! Um…. no.  But then after staring at the 45 lb. plates for awhile I decided what the heck? I’ll try it.  Well, I needed Seth’s help to even put the plates on the bar, which was a tad embarrassing and kinda hilarious at the same time.  I tried to lift the bar 1x, couldn’t do it.  So I was like well now I’m mad, I was told I could an I damn well should be able to.  So I tried again and I did it! In fact, I lifted that bar 4 more times.  d63df52fd08e5558340ebbd33fe9f2d4The smile on my face was so big I thought I was going to split my face in half.

Well a few hours after that Maggie and I went to Jenn’s (the owners) house where some of the guys taught us how to do some olympic lifting.  You see this right here?;

Yeah, that’s called a snatch.  I know how to do that.  Granted I can only do the bar, plus some like little 2.5 lb. weights but hey that shit is hard to learn!  So needless to say that all I want to keep doing now is pushing my limits and attempting to get stronger and lift more.  My friend Joe says that I’m obsessed (which fits into my whole blog theme).  But I just told him a saying I saw while perusing Pintrest (did I mention I have a slight Pinterest obsession?), that Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.  And that is what I am…. dedicated.

So that’s all I have for now, I gotta hit the gym.  I ran 7 miles this morning for practice, but the gym was closed so I’m heading over now.  So until later, TTFN. 


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