Stronger than Yesterday

Well, sore-er than yesterday. Hahah get it? Of course you do, you are super intelligent! Anywhoser, Jenn has started using one of the chalkboards in the gym as a quote board and the other to post the W.O.D. (Workout of the Day).  So I gave her a bunch of quotes to put up there- special thanks to my pintrest obsession, it is good for something!  So I’m feeling more and more fit? I guess you can say anyways, I’ve started doing Crossfit 2x a week and from the sound of it we will be able to start doing it 4x a week soon.   I can’t wait! I asked the guy Dave who does it and he says that I can start calling myself a Crossfitter so…. I’m a Crossfitter!  38f625e3880d8ba25ebb8a6ec6cb27c3So even though everytime I’ve done it I’m either last to finish the W.O.D. or get the least amount of reps in I know that it doesn’t matter because I’m giving 100%! So basically sore is a feeling that I’m well acquainted with and it’s my bestie!   Speaking of Besties I got to hang out with Joe last night for the first time in a bagillion days, which is quite a long time for us.  We needed the time together to be sure!
And I got to run with my friend Brett Brett- we did a lovely 8 p.m. run on a day that it was too cold in the morning/I had a million and one things going on that day so I couldn’t run in the morning. tumblr_mi5yhnuPA11rjud3ho1_500 It was perfect bonding time for us because we needed some catch-up time together.  We were joking how funny it is that our 1st year knowing each other we were such dicks to each other because we hated each other, but now we hang out all the time and are besties.

So moving along….  Had a crossfit workout last night after 2 other workouts… died a bit.

Jen was making fun of me actually being like; “aren’t you so happy you worked out already?” as I was dying during the W.O.D. so I couldn’t even really respond to her, instead I just gave her a look.


It’s like… thanks Jen.   But the other day when it was just the 2 of us in the gym and I took my sweatshirt off (I had a tank on) she was like “HOLY SHIT!”.  Apparently, I’m getting big- in the sense that she can see way more muscle on me than when I first started.   Which as bro-like as it sounds made me pretty damn happy. So that’s basically all that’s going on in my life right now, I have a couple of papers due next week that I REALLY need to get done so this weekend will be spent doing homework ..  yay!

So until later, TTFN. 


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