No, but seriously.  I can’t wait for our fall break at the end of next week.  Last week I was extremely worn down and because of realizing that I honestly stretched myself a bit too thin this semester, I’m cutting down on some of my duties and responsibilities.  It’s the only way that I’ll be able to get everything done that I need to get done and to keep up with my schoolwork.  Which is another reason I need break, I’ve fallen behind and I need just 4 days of absolutely no responsibilities and no classes to worry about so I can just get a bunch of work done.

I know that sounds terrible, but honestly this is what happens to me every year around this time.  I just need to make it to break so I can catch up/get ahead and everything will be good. So that’s that for classes/school work type things.   On to working out/team stuff…  1375707_10201444813375173_140370924_nWe’ve had like 3/4 meets thus far, so far so good, my times aren’t where I want them to be, but they aren’t terrible so I’m content for now.   We had a race at SUNY IT this past weekend and my mom came and brought me groceries and lots of baked goods so that was fantastic! Also, they had water and apples at the finish- and I got to say I always love when I get some sort of fruit when I’m done with my race.


Moving along again… I’ve been working out around 3x a day for the past few weeks, so I’m trying to restrict myself a little bit more these next few weeks.  Monday and Wednesday I’m going to try to workout only 2x a day and Tuesday and Thursday I can workout 3x a day.  Maybe it will help my body feel not so worn down because I was having that slight problem- overtraining- YAY! 558523_10201444815815234_1665924880_n

Oh, also I got some Paleo cookbooks, so I’m attempting to thoroughly educate myself on the whole thing way more than I am already and also having these cookbooks will give me more ideas for foods to make besides my normal chicken and eggs staples.

Which brings me to my next topic- cheat day. Seriously, I went a little too hard this past cheat day and it had a bit to do with my mom bringing me all these baked goods to eat- they were delicious! 1238350_479031898870915_1202806720_nBut its ok, because I honestly haven’t been too nuts on a cheat day yet.  Funny thing was I kept saying I was going to go out- I had like maybe 1/2 a beer and then decided I was too tired and went to bed.  Sara choosing sleep over going out- FTW! 

So that was fun/funny.  Everyone who was with me was like “come out sara!” and Kinga was just like she does this every weekend… I knew she wasn’t actually going to make it out.  And it’s totally true, I definitely get ready to go out and then go to bed like every weekend.

I’m going to attempt to write an article for my school’s newspaper because I saw an advertisement saying they needed sports/health and nutrition writers and I was like I should write an article about Paleo! So I’m going to attempt it and if it sucks…. it sucks.
But other than those things, nothing else is really going on.  I’m basically just attempting to stay afloat with my workload and everything. So I think I’m going to go to the gym quick before class so I can eat between running and crossfit tonight.  9ae33c0979858ef5a51cacd755cd8ff4

So until later, TTFN. 


4 thoughts on “WANTED: A Break

  1. I can only imagine. I remember in college I was always so ready for a break and fall break was the best of them all. Spring break was nice too. I’m so proud of your workouts and I love talking to you. Keep it up!

  2. Fall break is my absolute favorite 🙂 I don’t get to go home this year I’ll have a long weekend the week before to go home and see my family. I couldn’t need it more than I do right now.

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