ALS sucks

ALS doesn’t suck, it’s a fucking catastrophe. 4aa9832243da0e956d9c291051fd81ccA friend of the family who just lost her husband said that to my mom the other day.  His funeral is today and I’m stuck at school.  The man who died, I’ve known since I was 5, I’ve literally known that whole family since age 5 and he was like a second dad to me growing up.

His family and friends have been watching him deteriorate in health for the past  year, when he stopped being able to use his legs until he finally stopped suffering a few days ago.  It’s been  hard, all I keep doing is crying and drinking- not a very good combination.  But I keep thinking that I hope his family is ok.

Basically, its been a rough past 4 or 5 days.  So I’m going to be MIA for awhile, I’m basically just trying to stay afloat until I stop wanting to cry every 10 minutes.

That’s it for now, TTFN. 


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