Santa Baby

So I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!  I can honestly say that I did- I’m very blessed and thankful for the generosity of my family and friends who gave me such lovely gifts.  First of I’d  like to say that it’s taken many a year, but I have trained my family well in what appeals to my heart- giftcards and running gear.DSCN0024 Sounds a bit boring I know, but I love giftcards because I like to browse a store and pick out what I like, not what someone else thinks I’ll like.  Plus, sometimes I don’t even know what I like until I see it so… therein lies another problem.  So I got some iTunes, Amazon, Target, Barnes and Nobles, and Sports Authority gift cards.. can you say win?!?  I can!!

Needless to say that my iTunes cards are all spent (I keep a continual list of music I want to buy on hand specifically for these occasions). I just spent my Amazon cards on a t-shirt about working out (predictable right?) and I will be spending my Target, Barnes and Nobles, and Sports Authority cards tomorrow.

DSCN0031Moving along… I got some new running shorts and a top from my aunt and uncle and my mom/Santa brought me some compression sleeves for both my arms and my calves- double yay! Oh and did I mention that my mom awesomely bought me some organic almond butter?! Hellz to the yeah! Is it weird that I was excited to get that for Christmas??  Well, if it is I don’t really care because it’s delicious and awesome.
Oh I got a new camera too! I got one a few Christmas’s ago and it broke so I asked for a new one.  Unfortunately, some things aren’t working so we have to bring it back to see if we can get a new one tomorrow, but this is what it looks like; DSCN0020

What else? What else? I got a butt-ton of DVDs… now usually my mom buys rando DVDs that I’ve never heard of/don’t like but this year she was the  She not only got the DVDs I asked for, but she also picked out some pretty sweet DVDs like Man of Steel because hey that man is hot!

DSCN0030And last, but definitely not least I got a David Diehl jersey he’s my boyfriend on the Giants just an fyi- my mom said it was difficult to find his jersey because he isn’t one of the “hotshots” they tot around on tv all the time but he’s a sweetheart and my Offensive lineman and I know he could stop a car and save me or is that Superman?….

Anyways, I’ve had a great Christmas, I somehow was lucky enough to get everything I asked for and then some.  I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas, that you got what you wanted, that you were able to spend time with family and friends and that it was relaxing!

So until later, TTFN.


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