178 That is the number of miles I have run in 2014 thus far.  I’m pretty proud of that.  If my coach gives me another 41 mile week next week, which he probably will, I will be over 200 miles within the first 5-6 weeks.  Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever run that much in that short of time before.  So that makes me pretty happy.  Also, I got a new snatch PR the other day.  I wanted to see if I had gotten any stronger over the winter break so I decided I wanted to try snatching with the 45 lb. bar or as I like to call it the “Big kid” Bar.  And when I tried it I was able to do it no problem! So I added about 5 lbs. total on there and so now my new snatch PR is 50 lbs.- super pumped about it! 

So that’s good.  Also, I’ve been juicing a lot.  I’ve only done pure orange juice, basically just a crap ton of oranges through the juicer, and a green juice which is made of; kale, cucumbers, granny smith apples, lemons, and celery.  greenjuice1It makes a decent amount and it tastes pretty good.  Plus this way I get a bunch of vitamins and minerals real quick.  I try to juice like 1-2x a week depending upon how much of the supplies I have to make the juice.  I end up bringing it in my container to class and I definitely get weird looks, but hey I’m being healthy here people!

On another note, I’ve begun making paleo pancakes, which are delicious.  I totally ruin them with some non-paleo maple syrup, but I digress…

I’ve been  having my food issues resurface as of late.  I’ve returned to some of my old habits, and I’m attempting to kick them back where they belong- not around me! So that’s a struggle right now, but I’m working on it.  What else is going on?
Oh, I’m attempting to finish up my law school apps and my internship is literally the bomb.com.  Applying to law schools is stressful as all heck, mainly because I want to make sure that I write good personal statements and I’m attempting to keep up with my homework, which is another issue.  But luckily we have a break in literally 2 weeks, so I’m banking on that to get homework and law school apps all taken care of.

So that’s basically it right now.  Just trying to stay afloat and keep myself on track and focused for the next 4 months until graduation.

So until later, TTFN. 


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