The flying Liplock

Sorry for the mad spamming of the videos, but I’m really feeling these right now.  Anywhoser, my  Lent has started, yes I say mine because I’m Russian Orthodox and our Lent starts on a different day than the Catholic one does.  So my roommates and I were all sitting around figuring out what we were going to give up and yadda yadda.  Well I decided to go of the stricter Paleo for Lent because I’m pretty loose with it generally and I want to try to focus better.  So I’m hoping that doing this for Lent will help.  So that’s going on…

I’ve completely finished and sent out all my law school applications.  So I am officially in the waiting stage for that, which is both stressful and not.  It isn’t stressful because it’s like out of my hands at this point, but also stressful because I know I’ll be worrying about wondering where I’ll get in.   So yeah…  216f7d4cb8c0bf8003618314aabcbc2f

What else, what else?  Oh, I’ve gotten back into Crossfit and basically just cut down my miles in ridiculous amounts.  About 2 weeks ago I was running 30-40 miles a week and now last week and this week I’ll be running around 20 miles.  This is because I found out I can’d do my half-marathon anymore, which was why I was running so much. So I’ve decided to switch my focus and  get more into Crossfit and weightlifting.  I’m still running, just not as much, which is ok with me.

Also, I feel like I see more improvements doing Crossfit than just lifting or just running.  I can now do one of the hand stand pushups, the pushups part needs a bit of work, but I remember a few months ago when I couldn’t even get into the handstand. Plus I just hit 2 new PR’s yesterday in both my clean and my front squat.  I feel like I see results and I can actually see myself getting stronger.  I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

So that’s it for now.  Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot- I seem to be far busier than I usually am! And so I will leave you with this lovely video;

So until later, TTFN. 


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