Where it’s at.

So I’ve been super busy, which I feel like you can tell from the lack of posts, but I digress… My best friend Chel showed me this music video and I have played it about 30 times since 8:30 a.m. so if that tells you anything about what I think of it.

Anywhoser, I’m in the waiting period on my law school applications.  So far I’ve heard back from 3/5 schools I’ve applied to.  And so far they’ve all been acceptances… yay me! Funniest thing, after I called to tell my Dad about being accepted to the 2nd school I heard back from he said; “So you’re really going to do this whole law thing, huh?” I was like yeah Dad….

So that’s what’s going on with that for right now, so that’s good.  I’m just trying to stay on top of my homework because I’m not motivated to do it anymore.  Basically, I don’t feel challenged and I’m just gearing to go on to the next level.  So that’s what’s happening with that- only 2 more months until I graduate and give my speech.

Working Out; has consisted of doing my Crossfit workout everyday.  Maggie and I are on the Invictus program, which I guess is generally what people use to prepare for like Crossfit competitions.  I can definitely say that I have been seeing Gains in terms of lifting heavier and heavier weights and getting new PRs so that’s good.  Also, I found out that my meetings are the Friday/Saturday of my half not Saturday/Sunday, which I originally had thought so I can still do my half- YAY!

So right now I’m building my mileage back up, I’ll be somewhere in the mid-20s this week and I’m going to attempt to hit around 30 next week, which I think I can do since I’ll be on break and besides homework there won’t be much else for me to do.  Oh, also my friend from home has decided to do the Plattsburgh half with me so she will be staying with me that weekend- Double Yay!  mlrdh

So all that is good.  Basically everything is going pretty well right now and I can’t complain.

So until later, TTFN. 


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