Make ‘dem Gains.

So I’ve been looking at myself recently and I basically don’t feel like I see any real difference in my body.  I don’t know I guess part of me is looking to see myself slim down a bit more and such.  But then I think about what my body can do!  I mean seriously.  I remember back in August/September I could barely bench press the 45 lb. bar, like I literally needed help to do reps with it and now? My 1 Rep Max is 80 lbs. (including the bar).  That’s a long way that I’ve come. d9d212d283503072ff40d2b6b4cef28d

Before; I had to use the “little kid” bar as I called it (the 15 lb. bar) and had to add weight to that to do anything and I could BARELY do anything.  I was lucky if I managed to deadlift over 100 lbs. and when my friends Seth talked me into doing 135  and I managed to get 1 it made me the happiest  I could be.

Now; I’m so close to a chin-up its uncomfortable because I want to get it so bad! I deadlift 135 lb. for reps and have a max IRM of 160 lb.  I use the “big kid” aka 45 lb. bar for all of my workout things.  I know how to clean, jerk, and snatch and I’m steadily adding weight to all of them. ea52add2d9f32b45ebf1fe9c33b74502

My hands are calloused beyond belief, it’s a good thing I don’t have any men in my life because they would be appalled with my hands.  When some guys I know look at my 135 lb. when deadlifting and they say you can’t lift that, I look at them and say just watch me. 488f6aa05505ad3b99f1c56fd560570f

I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my body and I’m not satisfied stopping here.  I fully intend to continue doing Crossfit for as long as I physically can.

I am happy to say that I am very much addicted.   No matter where I go after I graduate in May, I will continue to do Crossfit.  Not only will it help me to continue getting stronger, but it will make me feel connected to one of my best friends Maggie who will still be in Potsdam.  I found a box online while searching for Crossfit around my house and I’m going to stop by when I get home this week and see if I like the group.  I would love to join it for the summer so there’s that.  So that’s everything going on in my life right now.

So  until later, TTFN.


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