Because every now and then you just get a little thirsty…  Now I don’t drink that frequently, at most 1x a week, maybe 1x every other week.  But this weekend my brother was visiting me from Oswego so I drank a bit more than I otherwise would.  And had some damn interesting times! It’s tough being a cliche.. But I digress..

Anywhosers, the internship is going well right now.  I’ve started putting in more and more time and have actually asked to go to night court- gasp! I know! But in all sad reality; besides working out, class,  homework, and my internship I don’t have much else going on in my life.  Which means the days that I allot to my internship are days I don’t do anything else, so if I get out early I don’t know what to do with myself.  Yes I realize the sad-level factor that that is.

So I’m talking to this guy, and I’ve partially fallen in love with him because he lifts and he gets the gym life and he said some magic words to me; “you were going ass to grass, so I had to too”. OMG! Seriously, I’m a sucker for guys who lift and  have tattoos…. he doesn’t have any tattoos.. that I know of anyways.  But yeah, I’m not trying to get super pumped about it because there’s only a month left and then I’ll be outtie like ‘Deuces!’ and I don’t need to be tied down, but yeah.. 9b7dd7e7f5eac8cf20cdb130e87b8b12

So there’s that.  What else is going on? Really not much.  Like I said before I really have no real life.  Oh, Easter is this weekend and I’m going home for it and I’m bringing my roommate Maggs with me, which is going to be super fun and exciting.

Easter is my super cheat day and I’m super excited! I’ve made the decision to cut my fruit intake down once Easter is over and to try to increase my veggie intake.  It will be a little bit of a struggle, but I think that all the extra sugar is screwing with my clean eating, even though it isn’t technically bad sugar.  I’ve also decided to go on a phase program after I do my half-marathon next weekend.  I think this will be my last half for awhile… Not  that I don’t still enjoy running, but I’m trying to get bigger and gain more muscle so they kind of contradict eachother in terms of goals.

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.

Oh P.S. I found this awesome new blog to follow, I’ve added the link here.


2 thoughts on “Thirsty

  1. I have no freaking clue! Haha yesterday we seemed like such college kids running together on the Cross Country team and now you are engaged and I’m graduating! Time sure does fly!

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