Working on me!!

So 2L year sucks some major lady balls to say the least.   I’m stressed AF, my food choices are real shit, sleep is less than last year (I didn’t honestly think that was possible), I barely have time for the gym, and I’m behind in my work for the most part- did I mention this year sucks lady balls?

Anywhoser, after weeks of literally not being myself and being the most miserable person on the planet to deal with- I decided to make a change for myself.  With some great advice/input from my friends I figured out things I’ve wanted to do/work on for myself and made a list.  First things first, I’ll be learning to dress like an adult- my usual wardrobe basically consists of an undergrad gym rat type style- not saying its a bad thing because its comfortable as hell, but seeing as how I’m attempting to get professional internships/job opportunities I figured its time to look the part.  The best thing? My friends are going to help me shop! A main reason for my laid-back attire is due in part to not knowing how to dress myself so I’m finally going to learn.

It’s also a goal of mine to just eat.  I’m not saying completely unhealthy or completely healthy, but I’m learning to be ok with moderation and balance.  But most importantly I’m learning how to eat without guilt tripping myself for eating candy, or a cookies, etc.  I mean I’m not going to make it an everyday habit, but it never hurts to live a little!

Yoga- I’m going to learn that shit.  It consists of a lot of strength- which I quite honestly didn’t realize, but I think that it’ll help my balance and I just think it’d be cool to learn.

But most importantly, I’m learning to focus on myself.  I think I’m pretty selfish as it is, but I’d like to focus being independent and being able to do things on my own without having to rely on anyone else because it honestly seems like I’ve been relying on others for quite a while.

Anywhoser, that’s  a basic outline of what I’m planning for the time being.  Like I said, 2L year sucks so I won’t be posting here much.  But hey hope everyone is well!


One thought on “Working on me!!

  1. I’ve been thinking of you Sara and I’m glad to hear things are going okay, despite being so busy. I think it’s smart to start dressing for where you want to go. I miss your posts and feel free to text or message me anytime.

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